The Tao of Operating Principle of Opposites

After many coincidences, experiments and experiences i dare to write this article.

There seems to be an operating principles of the Pair of Opposites, which is also hidden in ancient wisdom of scriptures.

Some of the manifested and tested principles are shared here. Do share your experiences.

1.Student <=> Teacher.

  • To be a good learner, become a teacher. I.e. if you want an average student to secure more marks, assign him a below average student as his student. The average student while explaining the lessons to the below average student will automatically improve himself.
  • To be come a Good Teacher, become a good student. A teacher, needs to learn from the students, peers and through continuing education for more innovative ideas

2. To weaken something, strengthen it. (borrowed from Lau Tzu).

3. If you keep going to the East, you will end up in the West.

4. Helping others, may cause them greater harm. Do not help any one, allow them to be helped by themselves. Remain a catalyst. Do not in the long run keep providing a fish to a person, gradually teach him to fish for himself. Only when he has no need for any ones help, will he be helped. This is quite a subtle issue at times. The person being helped should not become aware that he has been helped, he should feel that he has done it himself. Only then will he become self confident for future endeavours.

5. To become immortal (life forever), you need to stop dying. To stop dying, you need to stop taking birth. So to become immortal, stop taking birth. I.e. reach Nirvana stage (become one with God, and stop getting manifested). To Be (become) immortal, you have to stop to be (stop being i.e. manifested/taking birth).


About Vijay Khanna

Working on Self Sustainable and Scalable Solutions to Improve Rural Livelihoods.
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