We cannot help others

Meeting people in the social field, i have come to conclude that “We cannot help others”. There are two meanings of this

1.Each person has to help himself. Most projects in which there was grant or direct benefits given to needy have failed. Those have succeeded where people cooperate, organize themselves, and become self dependent (E.g. Amul, Ralegan Siddhi, Grameen, Rural Tourism etc). In nutshell in order to have a viable and sustainable development, people need to put in efforts and own the end results than depending on others to keep supporting them. A Catalyst may be needed, but temporarily, eventually the people must become self dependent.

2. So long as there is a feeling of separateness, i.e. each soul thinking that he is different (superior) from other,The feeling in each helping action will be of “I have done something for someone else”. In this case the quality of action is doubtful.

Feel the entire universe as a single entity, and each one of us like different parts of the same human body. The hand has no ego in doing work to be able to feed the Stomach, indirectly it gets fed too when the stomach is fed. The hands never feel that they are working for someone else, or doing a favour to rest of the body. Only when the Stomach, Brain and other parts of body get food energy, will the hand get energy.

Same way, Only when all the other beings are happy can we become happy.

Thus doing any good work for others, think you are doing it for yourself. When others will be come happy, you will eventually become happy and peaceful.

Remove the mindset that you are helping someone else, you are helping yourself (As you a are part of the unified universe).


About Vijay Khanna

Working on Self Sustainable and Scalable Solutions to Improve Rural Livelihoods.
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